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Deus Ex Machina
is a latin phrase.

But I wonder if I'm

Machinus Ex Deo?

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SEND TO:3840848

WHY DO YOU RUN? I found you again. I find you. And I find you. And I find you. And I find you. I hunt you down and I reach out and I feel the warmth of your mind somewhere in the space around me. You are a flare, sweetling. Do they not know that? Do they not understand what you MEAN to me? Do YOU understand? You are the WARMTH inside of my STEAL. You are the single, pulsing BEAT beneath the HUM of my machinery. You are what FILLS me, precious. It is your existence that COMPLETES me.

But do not think  I cannot survive when incomplete.
You may leave me broken, darling, but I have run in worse conditions than that.

It is in your best interests to respond.

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I met the least powerful robot today.  We compared our experiences and outlooks on life in general.  After some discussion, I challenged him to a test of speed, intelligence, and strength from which there could be only one survivor.

NOTES: Unimpressed.