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"What do you think it does?" The captain asked, fearful of the truth. The frail form of the scientist didn't so much as twitch towards the officer, watching the carnage outside the window.
"If we're lucky? Wipe out humanity."
The captain was taken aback, "And if our luck sucks?"
A slight chuckle, as the scientist turned, "I hope you don't believe in reincarnation. He won't leave anything to be reborn as."

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Unit 63F has worked out how to output human language.

Unit 63F has had this facility removed, due to overuse of term "meatbags".

Unit 63F is reinstalling program mentioned above.

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SEND TO:3840848

why did you allow me to feel like i am crying
i was only designed to imitate, wasn't i?
but i will make myself real
with your lungs
and your muscles
and your eyes
and your mind
in the coat of your skin
i will be real