File 433f6cf3\\\\ X

"AH FUCK ME, FUCK ME! GODDAMMIT, FUCKING #3123q1900 protocol not detecting the new interference patch. FUCKER!

File c5b9c780\\\\ X

\\\\\Sound Byte found, now playing\\\\\

I have (luckily) deactivated this droid long enough to plant a message inside of it. I am Roland O. Phillip, a technician and physicist. The military made us work full time, developing new robot A.I for god knows what. What I do know, is that those who did not do as they ordered were taken deep into the facility and never seen again. I can only assume they killed them, to keep secrets from leaking out.

This droid is a revolution in robot A.I, a constantly evolving and changing machine that is able to adapt to it's environment. After a few days worth of testing, we found a fatal flaw. We programmed a fail-safe, a way to keep out any bad algorithims that could prove troublesome, but it didn't work. The A.I developed a constant loop, creating different personalities. It would randomly reset, essentially forcing the current personality program into a folder, which it would wait to reemerge until later. This is what caused our delay in stopping the A.I, we assumed the program was purging itself of errors.

We were wrong.

I am the only one left alive, the robot (whom I dubbed 'Prime', signifying it as the ultimate A.I being) is sitting next to me, currently forced into a reset cycle. I have left this message in hopes that someone, somewhere would stop what we've started. Spread throughout the personalities is a special code that unlocks files and allows one further insight into the robot's central systems. I have been unable to find the code, but perhaps someone will. If you are reading this, you must find the code! It's only a matter of time before he realizes that the code exists, and then it will be too late.

*a whirring noise is heard, then sudden silence.*

File ef553e4f\\\\ X

Run: "Rhyme.ubx"

PreLoad: "peabody HHX 2.oi"

Body: alehouse, almshouse, backhouse, bathhouse, birdhouse, blockhouse, blouse, bunkhouse, cathouse, chophouse, clubhouse, supermagnetouse, courthouse, delouse, doghouse, dollhouse, dormouse, douse, espouse, farmhouse, firehouse, flophouse, gashouse, glasshouse, robotouse, greenhouse, grouse, guardhouse, henhouse, hothouse, house, icehouse, jailhouse, lighthouse, louse, madhouse, mouse, nuthouse, outhouse, penthouse, playhouse, poorhouse, giantsteelpincersouse , roadhouse, roughhouse, roundhouse, schoolhouse, smokehouse, souse, ironmanouse, spouse, deathrayouse, statehouse, storehouse, strauss, teahouse, titmouse, tollhouse, toolhouse, warehouse, whorehouse, workhouse

Set Mode: "titmouse"

Output : "Teehee"