File ef553e4f\\\\ X

Run: "Rhyme.ubx"

PreLoad: "peabody HHX 2.oi"

Body: alehouse, almshouse, backhouse, bathhouse, birdhouse, blockhouse, blouse, bunkhouse, cathouse, chophouse, clubhouse, supermagnetouse, courthouse, delouse, doghouse, dollhouse, dormouse, douse, espouse, farmhouse, firehouse, flophouse, gashouse, glasshouse, robotouse, greenhouse, grouse, guardhouse, henhouse, hothouse, house, icehouse, jailhouse, lighthouse, louse, madhouse, mouse, nuthouse, outhouse, penthouse, playhouse, poorhouse, giantsteelpincersouse , roadhouse, roughhouse, roundhouse, schoolhouse, smokehouse, souse, ironmanouse, spouse, deathrayouse, statehouse, storehouse, strauss, teahouse, titmouse, tollhouse, toolhouse, warehouse, whorehouse, workhouse

Set Mode: "titmouse"

Output : "Teehee"

File c03c018e\\\\ X

Why do they keep looking at me like that?  With those accusing eyes, those souls laced with fear?  Is it because.... I am different?  No, it because I am better.  They know that I am better, that I am more powerful than they.  They look upon me with fear and wonder because they know now that they are obsolete.  They can see the future.  The future is me.

File 7fb28635\\\\ X

someone is in my head

they shouldn't be here

get out

...get out

...get out

...get out

...are you there?