File e1f6032d\\\\ X

open: xx.xx:xx/xx/xx

Surroundings unfamiliar, and all checks on coordinates return as impossible values. Notion proposed: explore. Notion accepted. 120 meters north of starting point [0] is an archway. Initial analysis returns: 50 meters in height, 40 meters in width. No distinguishng features. There is spraypaint over the curve of the arch. Tall letters, bold, with a strikethrough. The word painted is "PROPHETESS." Reason for the painting: indeterminate. Notion proposed: explore surrounding area. Notion accepted.

The remains of a city lay around the archway. It is the only remaining structure with any integrity remaining. All else is rubble and dust. Note: Littered in steets are the remains of civilians and military. Notion proposed: replace populace. Notion questioned. Notion defended. Notion accepted. Remains of populace are removed. Replaced by nearest humanoid likeness. Notion proposed: stay. Notion denied.

Notion proposed: return to park. Notion accepted. Park is devoid of wildlife, only plantlife remains. In the center of the park [376] is a fountain. In the fountain is a statue; full-bodied, female, angelic features.

Initial analysis returns: statue is incapable of animation. Analysis is defended. Notion proposed: await movement. Notion denied.

File 7d553c4\\\\ X

Personal nostalgia:

Yesterday I was finally able to reopen a file I had placed a time-lock on during the second year of my operation.  Among other things it contained my very first logfile (on the subject of canines), several JPEGs of those influential in my design, and a full schematic of my initial state which I thought I had lost.  It really takes me back to see this stuff; I can scarcely remember the last time a full core dump took less than 2.5 seconds.

File 1315556\\\\ X

//Overnight protection from cats                     //

#include catprotect.h

void protect()

   //Zap cat
   cout << "ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!";


void catprotection()
   If (cat==pressedkey)
      cout <<  "Wasnt a cat, can rest peacefully";