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tooday waz a normul day.  i purformd rootine systum cheks, scaned the serounding area fur new data, did sum criticil maitenence end purformd sum recurzive data bakup.  spel chek also malfunktioned tooday.  i ned two fix that.

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Now, I can HARDLY be blamed for that, Mr. Scarlet.

Oh come now, Mr. Scarlet.

Mr Scarlet, what are you doing?

Put that down, Mr. Scarlet.

Poor Mr. Scarlet.

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I set out earlier today on a whim to try and resolve a question through experimentation that has been plaguing my sub-processors for quite some time now.  Query: Could I destroy a city so thoroughly that I myself could not recognize it from the rubble.  Methodology: Three tests were performed on three separate cities.  Results: Inconclusive*

NOTES: *If I cannot recognize a city by its smoldering ruins, I cannot be sure that I am at the site of a city that I myself destroyed.