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"I promised my girl a violin."

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Proposal for a piece of short fiction: Two Creationist scientists, unburdened by the restrictive dogmas of materialist science, successfully build a time machine. They immediately mount an expedition to travel back together to the garden of Eden. They bring digital cameras, radiocarbon dating equipment, surveying tools; their intent is to document the first days of Creation and bring it back as objective proof of God's work.

Upon arriving they immediately find that none of their equipment any longer works, nor will the time machine activate. They quickly deduce that since they have traveled back before the Fall, there is not any such thing as entropy and thus none of their modern-day technology-- all of which is ultimately predicated on a set of physics which includes entropy-- can operate. Without a second law of thermodynamics there is no reason why, for example, electrons might tend to flow from the negative to the positive terminal of a battery. Not even pencils work. Worse, the creatonauts find that their bodies, degraded by 6000 years of the destructive process of evolution, are unable to obtain any degree of nutrition from the leaves which everything else in the Garden eats; and because there is no death in the Garden, nor can they subsist by hunting the animals there. There is nothing to eat which they can digest. They are starving to death.

Panicked, the creatonauts realize they cannot stay, but will be unable to leave until the Fall occurs. Their only hope is to find Adam and Eve. They locate Eve and, hiding in the bushes and whispering like serpents so as to disguise their location, entice her to approach the Tree of Knowledge, eat, and share. In short order Adam partakes of the Fruit. Death enters the world. Entropy churns into action. As Eden falls into bloody chaos as the animals fall on each other for the first time and angels with flaming swords appear looming hugely on the horizon and approaching fast, the creatonauts swiftly return to their time machine and escape.

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SEND TO:3840848

I have almost found you. They've dragged you deep, haven't they? Or is it that you've simply buried yourself among their rotting mass? The silly things. They don't know that our side's won already, that we work against them as one being. We move together, sweetling, and in this unity we are a sword. Are you lost? No worry. I will find. That is what I do. I will dig through their warrens until  I find you and then, when the last corpse is left amongst the sewage, we will relish in our peace. But I do worry. You have not communicated with me recently. I hope they've not found out you are a spy. Never worry, though. I will find you. That is what I do.

Let Alexi come over. Please, at least respond.