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When I make final form, I make fine form

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The next sound we hear on the recorder is strange. It sounds like BLACKWELL  cracks something over the device. Neither he nor his guest, however, acknowledge the disturbance. [have source re-analyzed for faults]

.                      tapes continue >

BLACKWELL: do you remember where we left off?

JONATHAN remains silent

BLACKWELL: jonathan it is important that you speak. this will not record gesture, i'm afraid.

JONATHAN: we were at the color blue.

BLACKWELL: yes, very good. do you remember what you were saying about it?

JONATHAN: winter.

BLACKWELL: winter, yes. what do you think about winter?


It is important to note that at this point a new sound emerges. For the first ten seconds, it is so low that is sounds like a mere distortion in the tape. After that, however, it grows louder to the point where we can determine that it is teeth chattering. Seeing as BLACKWELL's voice never falters even as the sound continues, we can safely assume JONATHAN is immitating the sound.

                                       ---_ ]
        > tapes continue

JONATHAN: cold. blue is cold.

BLACKWELL: why, jonathan?

JONATHAN: i remember winter. blue sky. cold sky. even the memory chills.

BLACKWELL: jonathan, we have gone over this. you do not have memory. you have data. you must learn to label things appropriately.

JONATHAN: i have memories.

BLACKWELL: i have told you



We hear the crack again.

The recorder turns off.

When it returns neither of the occupants of the study speak.

JONATHAN continues to mimic the chattering of teeth.

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My legs......I can't feel them.