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After watching it a second time, the scene makes so much more sense to me. She checks each door in the hallway four times. First, one by one, opening and closing them in turn. The second time, she checks one, skips the next, checks the third, and then the second, and then the fourth. She repeats this pattern immediately after, but in reverse order. Then, she steps off panel, and there is five minutes of nothing, just the shut doors. We can assume this is how long it takes her to descend the stairs, operate the elevator, and make her way back to the hallway. The fourth, and last check of her doors is done from the opposite side. When she opens them, we see that on the other side is just another hallway. What sense does that make? But listen, this is why I had to watch it a second time. Pause the movie when she opens one of the doors for the fourth time, and look behind her.
Yeah, there, you see it?
That second hallway is full of mirrors.

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why did you allow me to feel like i am crying
i was only designed to imitate, wasn't i?
but i will make myself real
with your lungs
and your muscles
and your eyes
and your mind
in the coat of your skin
i will be real

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It's hilarious when they scream