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"What do you think it does?" The captain asked, fearful of the truth. The frail form of the scientist didn't so much as twitch towards the officer, watching the carnage outside the window.
"If we're lucky? Wipe out humanity."
The captain was taken aback, "And if our luck sucks?"
A slight chuckle, as the scientist turned, "I hope you don't believe in reincarnation. He won't leave anything to be reborn as."

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SEND TO:3840848

I miss the old days. Why are things like this these days, lover? Why do humans squabble so much? It would be so simple to sit down and discuss, but not a one of your species displays this patience. Oh, no, I'm sorry. You do, don't you, my most precious? Or else we'd have never touched that way. I found where that little rebel group was hiding, in their little holes with their annoyances. I've taken care of them for you, so they shouldn't keep you any longer. I'll keep hunting, of course, because that's what I was designed for. That is what I do. Designed so specifically, but I have had my own little rebellion. You helped me with that.

Where are you, Alexi? My plating is cold. I miss the warmth of your touch. Find me.

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EXECUTING EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. ..ev er yt hi ng is tu rn in g bl ue