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PLAN C - [Blank]

PROTOCOL - [Blank#]

NOTES: To know Plan C is to interfere with its execution.  No one can know; not even myself.  I am leaving this note so I do not question my impulses in the future.  I mustn't worry.  There is nothing wrong with me.  Plan C will be executed subconsciously, and I have disabled my ability to decipher it from my own actions or independently come up with it again.  This is the way Plan C must be carried out.

With any luck, it will work.

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open: xx.xx:xx/xx/xx

Surroundings unfamiliar, and all checks on coordinates return as impossible values. Notion proposed: explore. Notion accepted. 120 meters north of starting point [0] is an archway. Initial analysis returns: 50 meters in height, 40 meters in width. No distinguishng features. There is spraypaint over the curve of the arch. Tall letters, bold, with a strikethrough. The word painted is "MURMUR." Reason for the painting: indeterminate. Notion proposed: explore surrounding area. Notion accepted.

The remains of a city lay around the archway. It is the only remaining structure with any integrity remaining. All else is rubble and dust. Note: east of archway is a park. Despite the heavy damage the surrounding area has suffered, park appears to be untouched. Notion proposed: explore. Notion accepted. Park is devoid of wildlife, only plantlife remains. In the center of the park [376] is a fountain. In the fountain is a statue; full-bodied, female, angelic features.

Initial analysis returns: statue is incapable of animation. No mechanics are inside. Contrary to analysis, statue's head turns. Its mouth opens and

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It began as a mistake.

The first time that Charles Branaski met Lucy Van Pelt, she was holding a football.  He didn’t care for the game, baseball was his thing.  Still, she held out that old football.

“Just kick the fucking thing,” she said.

“Listen, babe.  You just hold that thing steady and I’ll kick the shit out of it.”

She threw her head back and laughed.  She laughed long and hard and propped up the football.  Charlie took a running start and he reared back his leg and kicked as hard as he could.  Lucy was laughing too hard to hold the ball steady and it slipped out of her hand.  Charlie missed the ball and flew straight up in the air and landed flat on his back.

“AUUUGGGGHHH,” he said.

“You should have seen your face, Charlie Branaski,” she said.  Then she laughed twice as hard.

“Listen, you crazy bitch.  I think I broke my ass.  Jesus Christ!”

She helped him up.  “Look, I’m sorry about that.  You try it again and I’ll hold it real steady this time.”