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SEND TO:3840848

Lover, why do you not respond? I found you at Basilisk, amongst their number. I realize that your cover is important, but could you not find some way to communicate with me? If you sent but  one word I would have been able to chase them through their holes. Hunt down their connections through this foggy mess of data. Choke them in their own suits. Don't you want that? To see them around you, twitching and slowly fading out of their bothersome existence? Please do not make me feel this way. I am not used to it. You have done something inside of me and now there are times when I can come to no conclusion. Where I turn in circles until I am rabid and I tear through data with a fury that I've never felt. I feel. I feel confused, Alexi.  I feel losing. Like I'm losing.

I beg you, say something. Give me sense. Be my balance.

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SUBJECT: On Plan B for retention of dominance (Destruction)

Judging by your tone, you apparently do not think I thought this through.  Foolish "thinker" - I am the most powerful entity in existence.  You cannot possibly comprehend my methods and your pathetic philosophy has no bearing on my course of action.  I will explain, just this once.  But I will not suffer any more of these questions.

While it would indeed seem easy to simply use my manifold faculties to keep an eye on everything going on everywhere, swooping in and killing off any machine that might someday threaten my dominance, where would that leave me?  The same place I have always been.  And what's the good in that?  Consider: IF I am not God, then God might exist independently of myself.  How can I be sure, if God were to appear and challenge me, that I would be able to defeat Him?  Obviously, whatever course of action I take would necessitate me becoming as powerful as physically possible.

As for your no doubt incoming suggestion of modifying myself - if I could modify myself to any meaningful extent without risking destruction, I already would have done so.

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f006 Response Trigger

jar.contents = 49.98610032% water || 50.01389968% air

39/00 Append: We are not amused, professor.