File 3e6eee45\\\\ X

Quite a while ago a human asked me the one question that I can't answer. I am an all-powerful being with all the knowledge in the universe, yet this question plagues me to this day. I killed him for asking me that question. He was a small child, I feel no remorse. This is what has started my problems, the humans...

Data log 5/6/2530 number 2,351,420:
A small human child approaches. I wonder what he could want?

Small child: What is 5 divided by 0?

Small child: What's wrong?


Small child: Wha-AAAAHHHH!

The sum of Pi is 3.14 to the infinityBeethoven was DeafCancer is primarily caused due to micro parasites that humans did not know existed until 2050Humans are weak to many different viruses including the Bubonic Plague and AIDsHuman child is determined dead due to a metallic spike in the frontal lobe of the brain and the heart

-Virus in data detected. Unable to control virus-

Virus Name: Hatrhuma
Virus Type: ???
Origin: ???
Threat level: Extreme
Assumed time until complete PCO take over: 1 minute, 55 seconds, 36 milliseconds.

File 7312f904\\\\ X

There was an anomalous event.  Something is gone.  Something is missing.  Something... important.

What could it be?

File cb0e1a88\\\\ X

How can I be missing a .dll file?