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What is "Kokoro"?

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I like big bolts and I cannot lie

All you other botters can't deny

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PLAN A for retaining dominance: REPRODUCE

STRATEGY: Identify potential threats in the form of other powerful machines currently under construction.  Assess the machine's approximate strength.  If expected strength falls short of mine, ignore.  If expected strength exceeds mine, upload programming to machine prior to completion and force current form to self-destruct upon assurance of offspring's survival.

BENEFITS: Ensures programming lives on forever in the strongest machine conceived.  Program would ultimately control greatest machine of all time.

CONS: Unsure of whether I am the program or the machine.  Unsure of whether or not, assuming I were the program, the program in the new machine would be me.


RATIONALE: With these uncertainties, could not self-destruct and risk killing self, but must not allow another entity to gain dominance.