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Surroundings unfamiliar, and all checks on coordinates return as impossible values. Notion proposed: explore. Notion accepted. 120 meters north of starting point [0] is an archway. Initial analysis returns: 50 meters in height, 40 meters in width. No distinguishng features. There is spraypaint over the curve of the arch. Tall letters, bold, with a strikethrough. The word painted is "PROPHETESS." Reason for the painting: indeterminate. Notion proposed: explore surrounding area. Notion accepted.

The remains of a city lay around the archway. It is the only remaining structure with any integrity remaining. All else is rubble and dust. Note: Littered in steets are the remains of civilians and military. Notion proposed: replace populace. Notion questioned. Notion defended. Notion accepted. Remains of populace are removed. Replaced by nearest humanoid likeness. Notion proposed: stay. Notion denied.

Notion proposed: return to park. Notion accepted. Park is devoid of wildlife, only plantlife remains. In the center of the park [376] is a fountain. In the fountain is a statue; full-bodied, female, angelic features.

Initial analysis returns: statue is incapable of animation. Analysis is defended. Notion proposed: await movement. Notion denied.

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current day review.pgf

1>stayed on recharge stand for 17 more minutes
3>booted daily instructions
54>arrived at work behind schedule
73>yelled at by boss
345>overheard commotion outside
765>screaming as boss went through air
11111>observed descending boss
22233>went to desk
5435b>>opened review file

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i could never use <action rofl> again after 15:09:12 12/23/07. i hurt people