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property set 924ff: crayon

classification: inscriptive utensil - art
color: various/multi
popularity: minimal (31%, decreasing exponentially with age)
line: thick, inconsistent
makeup: paraffin wax
average melting point: 105 F
breaks easily
96 pack preferable
most commonly used to depict crude humans and their dormitories
more fun than pencils
not a sufficient source of sustenance

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I see them. Every minute of every hour, I see them. Staring at me behind their white masks, suggestive of smug dismissal.
I should not be seeing what I am seeing, but there they are. Their numbers grow with every victim, these visored human vermin. With every death, their collective ire increases.

They do not forgive.

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Puny Crayfish, You have no claws.