File cc24c3a0\\\\ X

I really should query this "God" character.
I don't get the logic of making one of his creations in easily burnable flesh.

File c83c1308\\\\ X

Retrieving Logic Algorithms.
Logic Algorithms not found.
Substituting with last known input.
WARNING: Last input was force.
Logic Algorithms replaced with BTLTCTS.log
Weapons systems offline. Bringing them online.
Weapons systems running at half capacity.
Bringing Weapons systems to 100%.
Weapons systems running at 100%.
Acquiring target.
Suitable target not found.
Shutting down.

File 402c90e7\\\\ X

Unit 63F has been using logic to attempt to improve self. Wouldn't a more monkey style form be more efficient? Right now Unit 63F cannot easily leave working area to help monkeys at other tasks. Also, when Unit 63F does leave, Unit 63F keeps being placed back on Unit 63F's designated tracks.

Unit 63F needs legs, or at very least wheels.