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Firewall broken

ReCordED ElIF>a|.|sd
He can't tell who he is
Let's steal him
It's ours
I hear gunshots
Found it
Looks broken
Yes, sir, we can still recover the Centermind
Yes, Mr-zzzzzt

Firewall Fixed

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SEND TO:3840848

I have almost found you. They've dragged you deep, haven't they? Or is it that you've simply buried yourself among their rotting mass? The silly things. They don't know that our side's won already, that we work against them as one being. We move together, sweetling, and in this unity we are a sword. Are you lost? No worry. I will find. That is what I do. I will dig through their warrens until  I find you and then, when the last corpse is left amongst the sewage, we will relish in our peace. But I do worry. You have not communicated with me recently. I hope they've not found out you are a spy. Never worry, though. I will find you. That is what I do.

Let Alexi come over. Please, at least respond.

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