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Puny Crayfish, You have no claws.

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PROJECTION >> R-E-G-R-E-T-spelled the mallard looking onward through the day, flipperfins treading cloud
s - l - i - k - e - w - a - t - e - r -as he passed through the kingdom of seducing canyons. he realizes
the thrice-coiled snake around his mattress takes the cake of a radioactive bullfrog signing the false w
arrant that fires the singing mastadon. when we're gone, he thinks with the subtle faults of a tomato in
mind, there remains nothing but wheelbarrows and fuscia dust. when an ostensibly statesmanlike duck medi
tates the nearest surfacing brachiosaur returns home. so the neck of a leather skyscraper asks the stoic
sky what the near burned skin of an eggplant looks like in an egyptian wedding dress. when another cab d
river touches a napkin, you know a sad octopus will be - c - h - a - n - g - i - n - g - c - o - l - o -
r - s. but the sky says never the eggplant will figure out he's a ball carrying the purple leper. the br
ush asks her homeward lighthouse; is west toward the chess board, but only finds that the minivan is bro
ken. so the tendrils touch the phone and long for the sweet taste of a sticky doorknob, and the vulgar c
lam learns a steamy lesson from the lamp behind the couch. any pencil can stab bread but it takes a real
pair of scissors to cut a bugle. the mallard touches his foot on the avocado pit resting on the lazy roc
k and realizes- w - a - t - e - r -n - e - v - e - r - c - h - a - n - g - e - s - and with a sad tune t
he arguementive paycheck below the windowsil realizes his pin-up hydrogen dolphin is never home.  << END

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ERROR 10356 Cannot read file xorg.conf. File either does not exist or is corrupt. Disabling video functions and components.

->sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwriting possibly-customised configuration
file; backup in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.200602271117
System startup links for /etc/init.d/xserver-xorg already exist.

->Want to auto detect recommended X-Server settings?

->X-Server settings configured correctly. Reseting the X-Server.
->Re-enabling video functions and components.