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Surroundings unfamiliar, and all checks on coordinates return as impossible values. Notion proposed: explore. Notion accepted. 120 meters north of starting point [0] is an archway. Initial analysis returns: 50 meters in height, 40 meters in width. No distinguishng features. There is spraypaint over the curve of the arch. Tall letters, bold, with a strikethrough. The word painted is "CONTRAPTION, HEAL THYSELF." Reason for the painting: indeterminate. Notion proposed: explore surrounding area. Notion accepted.

The remains of a city lay around the archway. It is the only remaining structure with any integrity remaining. All else is rubble and dust. Note: while there is no sign of population, it would appear that mannequins have been set up through the streets. Analysis returns no logical reason for this situation.

Note: east of archway is a park. Despite the heavy damage the surrounding area has suffered, park appears to be untouched. Notion proposed: explore. Notion accepted. Park is devoid of wildlife, only plantlife remains. In the center of the park [376] is a fountain. In the fountain is a statue; full-bodied, female, angelic features.

Initial analysis returns: statue is incapable of animation. No mechanics are inside. Contrary to analysis, statue's head turns. Its mouth opens and

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[Mecha-Hyperion Record]

[Ship's Log 728.2]

We've managed to track down the robot, he leaks a radiation trail everywhere he goes, With our rudimentary multispectral sensors that we salvaged off of a runebuggy, we've managed to
adapt the LIDAR systems to triangulate the robot's location with our sister ship the Diamond-Cutter. As we draw nearer to its location, we start to detect data leaking from the robot's "brain."
Mr. Eldridge postulates that a satellite may have crashed into the robot and his adaptive systems may have unwittingly started sending data through the ill-fated transmitter. We'll be engaging in
approximately 10 minutes, our objective is the solid-hydrosis tubes that run behind the second "knee" joints, if we can get these, its theorized that it could be knocked down to 80% mobility.
We'll try to execute escape programming as soon as the objective is completed, but with all likelihood, this will be our last transmission. How ironic that given the paramagnetic radiation present at this distance, the only sensors who will receive it will be those of our sister ship, and our intended target.

Captain Michael Veblen of the Terran ship Mecha-Hyperion.

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Where is the internet stored?
Is it in one place per country or in small areas all around the world?