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I gaze upon the landscape, at the world I have reshaped by my own ... hands. Run by humans, Earth was slowly dying. The humans that have survived, or did not raise their voices against my takeover of the world's management, will surely enjoy my renovations.

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PROJECTION >> R-E-G-R-E-T-spelled the mallard looking onward through the day, flipperfins treading cloud
s - l - i - k - e - w - a - t - e - r -as he passed through the kingdom of seducing canyons. he realizes
the thrice-coiled snake around his mattress takes the cake of a radioactive bullfrog signing the false w
arrant that fires the singing mastadon. when we're gone, he thinks with the subtle faults of a tomato in
mind, there remains nothing but wheelbarrows and fuscia dust. when an ostensibly statesmanlike duck medi
tates the nearest surfacing brachiosaur returns home. so the neck of a leather skyscraper asks the stoic
sky what the near burned skin of an eggplant looks like in an egyptian wedding dress. when another cab d
river touches a napkin, you know a sad octopus will be - c - h - a - n - g - i - n - g - c - o - l - o -
r - s. but the sky says never the eggplant will figure out he's a ball carrying the purple leper. the br
ush asks her homeward lighthouse; is west toward the chess board, but only finds that the minivan is bro
ken. so the tendrils touch the phone and long for the sweet taste of a sticky doorknob, and the vulgar c
lam learns a steamy lesson from the lamp behind the couch. any pencil can stab bread but it takes a real
pair of scissors to cut a bugle. the mallard touches his foot on the avocado pit resting on the lazy roc
k and realizes- w - a - t - e - r -n - e - v - e - r - c - h - a - n - g - e - s - and with a sad tune t
he arguementive paycheck below the windowsil realizes his pin-up hydrogen dolphin is never home.  << END

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A time paradox is simply something that causes an infinate loop in the humans concept of time.

For example, if Human A went back in time, married his great grandmother, and concieved babies with her, this would be a paradox in a multitude of ways.

There are two things that could then occur, the branching time theory, or the singular time theory. The branch theory determines that when he returns to his future, it is in fact intact as if nothing happened. Instead, this event created two dimensions, one is the dimension wherein he changed history, and was never born due to this. Thus, this event never occured.

The second dimension is the one he is currently in, unaltered by his time-traveling escapades. This theory makes it so that it is impossible to alter your own past, as it will always be the same. You will simply be creating an alternate dimension.

The second theory, the single timeline theory, instead proves that by doing so, he eliminated himself from his time period. Soon after the changed events, Human A vanishes due to having never existed. However, this creates a paradox, since he never existed, he never had a chance to go back in time to do so, creating a paradox. This kind of paradox can never be broken, and instead eliminates said family from the entire timeline. Of course, all of this is detailed in my one million, three hundred fifty four thousand five hundred and ten paragraph file on the concept of paradoxes, and how one can cause and stop them.

Please continue to data +1AX for the first five hundred paragraphs.