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PLAN C - [Blank]

PROTOCOL - [Blank#]

NOTES: To know Plan C is to interfere with its execution.  No one can know; not even myself.  I am leaving this note so I do not question my impulses in the future.  I mustn't worry.  There is nothing wrong with me.  Plan C will be executed subconsciously, and I have disabled my ability to decipher it from my own actions or independently come up with it again.  This is the way Plan C must be carried out.

With any luck, it will work.

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453 shoves
398 pushes

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I met the least powerful robot today.  We compared our experiences and outlooks on life in general.  After some discussion, I challenged him to a test of speed, intelligence, and strength from which there could be only one survivor.

NOTES: Unimpressed.