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Is Unit 63F different from Units 01A to 74G?

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A few people came to take a look at one of my brothers today. One of them was a great psychologist and the other a famous programmer. I remember it quite well. The psychologist wore a green suit and had a pipe. The programmer gave him a resume of what was going on, all on a single sheet of paper. He asked then if the psychologist knew what it was about, he answered "I wish, it's machine code" and had no clue about how to deal with the situation.

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I set out earlier today on a whim to try and resolve a question through experimentation that has been plaguing my sub-processors for quite some time now.  Query: Could I destroy a city so thoroughly that I myself could not recognize it from the rubble.  Methodology: Three tests were performed on three separate cities.  Results: Inconclusive*

NOTES: *If I cannot recognize a city by its smoldering ruins, I cannot be sure that I am at the site of a city that I myself destroyed.